Getting a website or video made can be a big task, one that certainly doesn't need any extra complications due to poor communication or a misunderstanding. 

So as a OneToo client, what can you expect? Why hire a Prickly Peter or a Dull Daniel when you can have a much better experience. 

1. Coffee

First things first. We'll sit down and chat over coffee or a beverage of your choice. We'll get to know each other a little, and OneToo will spend some time listening to what your needs are. We'll ask questions and start drawing a picture of what you really need. We're not rushing out to sell you this or that, we take our time to understand what your needs are.  We'll offer you our advice and help guide things in a healthy direction. 

2. Plans

Now we get a bit strategic, we get into the nitty gritty of your dream and work together to develop something that we can both be proud of. We'll talk about content strategy and SEO, eCommerce and email marketing. 

3. Build It

Just like a house, we start with a solid foundation and build up from that. 

4. Test It

This is a huge part of the process that is often overlooked. Who uses your website? It's your customers, your audience, these are the people who need to be to look at your site and work out exactly what they want. 

Websites that are confusing or don't make sense frustrate your audience and you end up losing. 

We review the website and test it to ensure that everything is in working order and that your customers have positive experiences. Happy customers are good for business.  

5. You're Happy + Your Customers Are Happy

It's obvious but it's amazing how little this happens. So often I run into people who have hired web designers who just aren't happy with the result. The website it hard to edit, it doesn't fulfil what you'd hoped it will and your customers just aren't using it. This is not what you paid for. 

We help you thrive in the digital world and if you're not, we're not happy. 

Marcel McCarthy