Oh hey there!



We are pretty stoked to be here :) 


It was always the big ambition and finally we have arrived!


The corona virus came to shake us all up, instead of sitting on our hands we realised it was our time to enter eCommerce land


Crazy circumstances in life seem to call on the creative mind to do things that scare us and think outside of the comfort boxes we like to sit in


So here we are - It’s a whole new world to learn and grow in, but one we are very excited to embark on


It’s our work in progress! 


So please stay tuned for lot’s more amazing stock in the coming weeks as we build our brands up and out to you across this new platform. 


Thank you for visiting our store online and in-store during this time, your support means so much to this small little family business in Cobram :) 


Virtual Hug


Claire x